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Consultation Fees #01


* Mother and Baby Sessions are provided for new mothers and their babies to attend at the same consultation. For the purposes of this pricing structure a baby is considered to be up to 6 months old.


The fees outlined above covers consultations, additional time required to consider the case and formulate a prescription, prescriptions (in pill or liquid form - creams etc are usually charged separately) and telephone/e-mail contact between appointments. If telephone/e-mail contact between booked appointments results in an additional prescription then £5 is charged. Additionally, if a patient makes contact which results in a remedy/remedies being prescribed but no follow-up is booked then a charge of between £10 to £15 is charged according to the request.

If 5 years or more has lapsed since the last appointment and an individual makes contact then that person is considered to be a new patient and is charged accordingly.

Full payment will be required at the time of consultation in the form of cash or a cheque. I also accept BACS payments.

Please note that full payment may be expected unless 24 hours notice is given of a cancellation.

Low Income Individuals

Discounts are available for those on a low income. If you would like to find out more about these rates please do not hesitate to contact me on 01332 865342 or click here .

Telephone Acutes

If treatment lapses (or a follow-up is not booked) and a patient rings with an 'acute' problem then £10 to £15 is charged depending on the problem.

Is Homeopathy Covered by Medical Insurance?

Many Medical Insurance companies recognise homeopathy if treatment is with a Registered Member of the Society of Homeopaths - the current list is compiled by the Society and is available if you visit their website. You can visit this if you clicking here.

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