Helen Saunders, RSHom LCH Registered Homeopath

Mr L of Measham who consulted with me for a range of symptoms .....

"What a relaxed, informative and immediate experience .......... the unexpected immediacy of results was amazing and have proved long lasting. I no longer stress about waking in the night for a trip to the loo to leave me sneezing for the next 20 minutes, waking up and annoying my partner and dogs! I would and have recommended homeopathy to anyone wholeheartedly!"

Mrs M of Mickleover consulted with me for a problem with an unpleasant taste in her mouth and sensitivity to certain foods

"I first went to my GP with my problem who after various tests told me there was nothing they could do except prescribe a drug which actually made it worse.

I had a really strong salty lemon taste in my mouth constantly which was affecting my way of life. I couldn't eat or a drink a lot of things because the problem became worse. After consulting with Helen she helped me considerably. I tried various remedies which made a big difference in my life. I am now able to eat and drink things I hadn't been able to for quite a while. I still have a problem but it is more manageable now after Helen's help. She was also able to help me with hormonal problems. I felt much happier after consulting with her."

Mrs C W of Burton-on-Trent consulted with me to help with her overall health

I have used homeopathy to help with various conditions and life situations over that last 10 years or so. I was treated by Helen Saunders and have always felt listened to and have received homeopathic remedies from her that have helped my body to heal.

I have had to have several surgeries over the last few years and Helen prescribed a series of homeopathic remedies to take before and after each surgery to help to heal and reduce pain. Noticeably, several nurses said that I had recovered much faster than expected and I was able to be discharged from hospital after 3 days instead of the expected 5 after one surgery. Homeopathy has definitely helped my body to rebalance itself and to heal faster and more naturally with no nasty side effects that you can get with some painkillers.

I have also attended a homeopathy first aid course taught by Helen and Sally Hughes. I found the course to be extremely interesting and very helpful. I keep a homeopathic first aid box at home and use it frequently for my family, treating various ailments, such as indigestion, bumps and bruises, bites and stings or pain with homeopathic remedies that always work well.

I would recommend homeopathy to everyone. It is gentle and effective and can help to treat lots of conditions.


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